Better Matter Management

In an ideal world you would want to be able to view and manage each and every aspect, of any matter, from anywhere on the planet, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Legal Integrated Solutions uses the powerful and flexible features of WorkflowMax to make make this possible.

All you need are your personal login credentials and access to any internet enabled device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart-phone).

Some of WorkflowMax’s Matter management features include:

  • Choose between automatic matter numbering, or manual matter numbering
  • Record a Client Order Number or Reference which flows through to your accounting software for easy reconciliation
  • Complete the fields for comprehensive and flexible Matter Names and Descriptions
  • Use and change standard Matter ‘States’, as your workflow progresses – Planned, In-Progress, On Hold, Completed, Canceled
  • Or add in unlimited extra customized Matter States to better suit your workflow
  • Create an unlimited number of custom ‘Matter Categories’. Categories allow you to report on and filter by any one or more Category, allowing for more detailed reporting
  • If you are using WorkflowMax in conjunction with Xero accounting software, Matter Categories also allow you to automatically pre-code your sales and purchase invoices to pre-selected General Ledger codes and Tracking Categories in Xero
  • Specifically allocate selected staff to matters
  • Restrict staff viewing ‘Privileges’ according to their role and responsibilities
  • Add unlimited Matter ‘Custom Fields’ into the Matter Information Screen
  • Schedule the Matter with a Start Date and a Due Date
  • Assign one of four levels of priority – Low, Normal, High, Immediate
  • Assign a Client/Account Manager for the Matter
  • Assign a the same or a different person as the Matter Manager for that specific matter
  • Create and schedule an unlimited number of Milestones for the Matter
  • Milestones can be ‘Private’ (by default), or ‘Public’. Public milestones are visible to the Client if you have granted ‘Client Login’ privileges to the client
  • Client Login privileges allows clients to login and view a limited range of aspects regarding their Matter
  • Add an unlimited number of ‘Tasks’ to the Matter
  • Add an estimated amount of time to each Task
  • Quickly and easily specifically allocate selected staff to each Task on the Matter
  • Quickly and easily specifically allocate estimated times to selected staff on each task
  • Add ‘Labels’ to tasks for greater task naming flexibility
  • Flag the entire task as ‘Billable’ or ‘Non-Billable’
  • Flag individual time-sheets as billable (default) or non-billable
  • Schedule each Task with a Start Date and a Due Date
  • Accurately record (and easily report on) all time-sheets and time-sheet notes (see our more detailed ‘Time-sheet Management’ link here)
  • Submit and lock time-sheets
  • Quickly and easily edit Matter schedules
  • Easily and accurately track all disbursements
  • Copy the Matter as a new Matter, or save the Matter as a ‘Matter Template’ to be used as the framework of future Matters
  • Quickly and easily move time-sheets between matters, or between tasks on the same matter
  • Instantly view and/or print current estimated billings for the Matter
  • Instantly view a Financial Summary Report for the Matter, including Estimated Cost, Quoted/Estimated/Budgeted values, Actual Costs to date, Billable Value and Invoiced Amounts to Date
  • Instantly view a Time Summary for the Matter including Estimated Time, Actual Time, Invoiced Time and Non-Invoiced Time for each task on the Matter
  • In the same Job Financial Summary Report view a ‘Staff Efficiency’ section, ‘Non-Billable Time Report’ section and ‘Time to be Invoiced’ section
  • Directly from the Matter, print a Job Report, a Job Activity Report or a Job Brief
  • On the Financial Tab of the Matter, instantly view and link through to all related quotes/estimates/budgets, invoices and purchase orders
  • On the Financial Tab of the Matter, quickly create your invoices. For a more detailed description of invoicing please have a look at our ‘Invoice Management’ page here
  • Store Notes against Clients, Quotes/Estimate/Budgets, Matters and Time-sheets
  • Store Documents against Clients, Quotes/Estimate/Budgets, Matters and Time-sheets
  • For more detailed information on document storage have a look at our ‘Document Management’ page here

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