Managerial Control

Streamlined managerial control over every aspect of your legal practice is what we would like to be able to deliver for you. Ultimately the outcome should be greater efficiencies, more productivity, better staff satisfaction, and less stress for all. Which will free up resources, so you can focus on doing your job better. While improving your bottom line.

So how can we help?

Legal Integrated Solutions exclusively specializes in implementing WorkflowMax matter management software (and Xero accounting software) in Legal firms around the world.

We believe we can give more managerial control back to you in the following ways:

  • Better Matter Management

    In an ideal world you would want to be able to view and manage each and every aspect, of any matter, from anywhere on the planet, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Legal Integrated Solutions uses the powerful features of WorkflowMax to make this possible.You will find a detailed list of WorkflowMax’s matter management features and benefits here…

  • Robust Timesheet and WIP Management

Time is billable WIP. At least it should be. Every non-billable minute is a non-billable minute that can never be recovered. So it is vital that every minute, of every day, for every staff member is captured. And can reported on. With ease. in seconds.

So that you can make appropriate managerial decisions, and take action, on the basis of robust information, more quickly.

You will find a detailed list of WorkflowMax’s timesheet and WIP features and benefits here…

  • Streamlined Billing Processes

Its all very well generating WIP in an efficient manner. However the money will be painfully slow to reach your bank, unless your have great billing and collection processes.

You will find a detailed list of WorkflowMax’s Billing features and benefits here…

  • Abundant Reporting

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to run any report you wanted, on any aspect of your business, at any time, from anywhere, in seconds.

Well we believe we can deliver you the ability to run almost any report you wanted, at any time, from anywhere, in seconds.

Select from dozens of standard reports. Or build any one of literally thousands of possible combinations of reports with WorkflowMax’s Report Builder.

Share or don’t share. Allow others to filter. Or not.

You will find a detailed list of WorkflowMax’s Reporting features and benefits here…

  • Multiple Document Management Options

Document management is a critical part of your business. You will find a detailed list of your document storage options here…

  • Improved Staff Satisfaction

Instead of being hamstrung and frustrated by the inefficiencies of an archaic system, wouldn’t it be great if staff could simply get on with their responsibilities and actually enjoy doing their job, and doing it better, supported by a fully integrated and responsive system?
Listen to some actual staff comments here…

  • More…

You will find a more detailed list of WorkflowMax’s ‘other’ Features and Benefits here…

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