Rapid & Easy Reporting

To run any business well, you need accurate information at your fingertips at all times.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to run any report you wanted, on any aspect of your business, from anywhere, at any time, in seconds.

Now you can. Well maybe not quite any report, but we can come surprisingly close.

Select from dozens of standard reports. Or build any one of literally thousands of possible combinations of reports with WorkflowMax’s Report Builder.

Share or don’t share. Allow others to filter. Or not.

  • Every Matter comes with its own Financial Summary Report which reports on Estimated, Quoted, Actual, Billable and Invoiced monetary values for every Task. And Estimated, Actual, Invoiced and Non-Invoiced hours per task. Plus staff efficiency expressed as a percentage per task.
  • Every job comes with the ability to print off a standard Matter Report, a standard Matter Activity Report, and one or several versions of a customizable Matter Brief.

WorkflowMax also comes with a series of built in scheduling and capacity reports that will assist with managing your resources.

  • Staff Schedule
  • Job Schedule
  • My/All Tasks Report
  • Staff Allocation Report

In addition you can easily use WorkflowMax’s powerful and flexible Report Builder to generate any one of thousands of possible reports based on:

  • Clients, Contacts, Client Notes and Client Custom Rates
  • Invoices, Cancelled Invoices, Draft Invoices, Invoice Disbursements, Invoice Tasks, Invoiced Time, Invoice Payments and Invoice Notes
  • Matter, Matter Staff Allocation, Matter Disbursements, Matter Documents, Matter Notes, Matter Tasks, Matter Staff Task Allocation and Matter To-Do’s
  • Leads, Lead Activity and Lead History (if you subscribe to the optional Leads Module)
  • Milestones
  • Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Cost and Purchase Order Receipts
  • Quote/Estimate/Budget Disbursements, Tasks, Notes and Options
  • Timesheets and Time Productivity
  • WIP Ledger transactions
  • Write On/Offs


  • For any one of the Report Builder Reports you can choose from dozens of fields to report on, and/or filter by.
  • You can group reports by any field in the report
  • If you want to go the extra mile, you can export data into Excel to analyse using Pivot Tables
  • And you can also report on and filter by any one or more of the unlimited Custom Fields that you may have added into WorkflowMax.
  • You can select which staff have visibility into which reports
  • You can determine if those staff can adjust the date and other filters, or not

A small sample of the reports that you may want in your arsenal might include:

  • Reports for time sheet checking
  • Report on staff billable hours within date ranges
  • Report on matters by key word and name
  • Report on invoices paid or not
  • Report on practice area by billing group
  • Report on activity in practice jurisdiction

Report on anything in seconds whether in the office or on the go, for meetings, conferences and just-in-time.

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