Staff Training

Suitable training is offered to all staff as part of our enablement and support package.

All staff are trained in time-sheet entry and management. Ultimately you need to be able to report on every single minute of every single day for every single staff member – robust time-sheet entry processes are essential for this.

Junior Timekeepers are trained on all basic functions for good practice and the day to day operations of matter management, so that every time-sheet they write is ready and available for billing, without the need for further revision or adjustment.

Senior Timekeepers are trained on more detailed aspects of reporting and invoicing as well as day to day operations of matter management.

Admin Staff are trained on client and matter set up, suppliers and cost management.

In addition, all staff will be trained in regards to security on the internet with particular attention to password security.

Once initial client, matter, staff settings and protocols are enabled to your satisfaction the primary drivers for training and support are:

  • Time recording (we can do this in blocks of 5 staff or as required. Partners will have different recording requirements and we suggest that all partners are present at an initial meeting and we develop from there)
  • Disbursements recording (Junior time keepers should be responsible for recording fixed disbursements (soft cost) such as calls and photo copying – this is an essential part of disbursement recovery and maximization
  • Admin staff are responsible for hard costs such as flights, hotels, payments to 3rd party lawyers and petty cash. Purchase orders, if required, are dealt with by admin staff
  • Invoices. Please let me know who will be dealing with invoices and invoice types IE: hourly rate invoices, fixed fee, disbursements only, credit notes

In order to meet your accounting requirements we would expect that you require the following:

Sales invoices (receivables) and purchase order invoices (payables) would be exported by way of a CSV file. If you are using Xero as your accounting software, all sales and purchase invoices are automatically and instantly coded and exported to Xero.

Staff support is organised either by staff employment level or by specific staff requirements.

Typically staff are employed by lawyer billing level and support staff level and each staffing level will have specific privileges such as time-sheet privileges, financial access, reporting and so on.

  • Email support. We aim to turn round 95% of email queries within 24 hours.
  • Skpye conferencing and screen share. Please email us to book an appointment in order to resolve more complex queries
  • Comprehensive database of document and video resources
  • On-site support which is available worldwide at per diem rates + travel and accommodation

We would expect that at the 6 month point there will be a large degree of self-sufficiency however staff do vary and experience says that the more senior the time keeper the more the reliance on support tends to be.

We can discuss any ongoing support that is required nearer the time. Three of the choices are: –

  • you decide you are self-sufficient and we provide ad-hoc support only
  • we agree that some level of ongoing dedicated support is required
  • you feel that additional services are required – x-referencing and audit of time sheets, invoice support for example