The complexity and requirements of your practice are unique, so Legal Integrated Solutions will quote tailor-made enablement and support packages only after initial scoping, assessment and discussions about specific legal practices needs.

After scoping, implementation and training is completed, the only obligatory ongoing financial expense for you is the monthly software subscription, which for most firms will be somewhere between $USD5.00 and $US15.00 per user per month (dependent on the number of users).

And the fact that the vast majority (if not all) of the implementation process can be conducted remotely means that the costs of implementation can be minimised even further.

Scoping Implementation and Training

Initial consultations and demonstrations are free of charge.

In-depth scoping may be charged for, but will be deducted from the full implementation cost, if the implementation proceeds.

Implementation and training packages are tailored and quoted to meet each Legal Service Providers’ particular billing, matter and reporting expectations.


  • Enablement is quoted per staff member/ role after we have evaluated your requirements in full
  • Support and training packages (which are offered post-enablement) typically run for a minimum of 1 year from the time enablement is completed
  • Enablement and support packages can be priced over 1 to 3 years
  • The initial enablement costs can be built in to a single monthly payment over the contracted period as suits the client
  • Ad-hoc post training and support is charged at agreed hourly rates
  • Per diems for on site training is charged at agreed rates + expenses

Are you an existing WorkflowMax users?
If you are currently using WorkflowMax, we offer audit, troubleshooting and training solutions to suit your needs.



  • Depending on client jurisdiction VAT and other sales taxes may be applicable.
  • After any contracted period, if our clients feel that they are fully self-sufficient and no longer require any ongoing support from Legal Integrated Solutions Ltd., then the ONLY ongoing cost which they will incur will be the standard licensing fees as charged by WorkflowMax. Indicative licence fees start at $USD5.00 per user per month up to a maximum of $US25.00 per user per month for a single user license.
  • Clients will only incur additional charges if they decide to uptake any of our support services after the initial contracted period has ended.
  • After any contracted enablement, training and support period is over, Legal Integrated Solutions Ltd. will transfer all software subscriptions into the Client’s name.

Please feel free to contact us today for a free, no obligation demonstration of our product and services.