With WorkflowMax, you control every aspect of your invoice

  • from which WIP gets invoiced, and when, and for what value
  • to exactly what information does and does not get displayed
  • to exactly how the invoice physically looks when the client receives it

Control How You Bill
Enjoy complete control by invoicing based on tasks or staff rates, and control how much information appears on your invoice. Edit any field in the invoice billing software to create a fully customized document.

Actual Time and Costs Invoicing
Pull through data from WorkflowMax timesheets for accurate time and cost billing. Write the time up, down or off, or elect to future bill a timesheet entr.

Percentage of Quoted/Estimated/Budgeted Value
Quickly and simply invoice based on a percentage of the quoted value.

Progress Amount / Deposit
Split matter invoicing into progress payments. Invoice multiple fixed progress amounts.

Custom Charge Out Rates
Charge out team members at different rates by creating custom hourly rates for your staff.

Different Tasks, Different Rates
Should certain tasks cost more than others? Create custom rates for each task in a job.

Complete Invoice Editing Control
You can edit each invoice before it’s sent, giving you complete control over the contents.

Custom Print Templates – The Brand Factor
Get your invoice/bill looking exactly the way you want it. Add your own logo, branding, payment terms and optional extras. Send beautiful custom invoices in a matter of minutes.

Custom Print Templates – Unlimited Presentation Options

Not only can you completely customise your print templates, but you can create as many different versions as you want.

Xero Integration
Combine Xero and WorkflowMax for powerful small business invoice software. Push your sales invoices into Xero, with all the info intact.

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