Staff Satisfaction

You need your staff to be writing billable time sheets.

Instead of being hamstrung by the inefficiencies of an archaic system, with WorkflowMax your team will have more time to dedicate to legal work. Which means better lawyering, higher levels of client dedication, and improved staff satisfaction.

Once WorkflowMax has been implemented, and suitable work-flow processes have been designed, we will train your staff thoroughly.  And we will provide them with the necessary backup resources.

Common comments from staff include…

“I love the speed.”

“Because WorkflowMax is fully integrated, and all databases are linked, everything is always at my fingertips.”

“Being able to use WorkflowMax at an airport terminal or from a taxi is just brilliant”

“I could create reports for almost everything we required, and literally in a few seconds.”

“The ability to actually email notes and documents directly onto a matter is fantastic”

“We could cross reference the time-sheets before issuing the invoices, which by itself made a surprising difference to our bottom line”

“No more reminders from managers, all milestones can be entered and updated in real time.”

“I really like the email notifications when someone set up a new client/matter – so we all knew who was working on which matter”

“It was so much easier to create new matters for clients”

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