Platinum Service

Time-sheet audit, cross-referencing and staff performance reporting are premium services which Legal Integrated Solutions offer.

These enhanced services are for legal practices who want

  • to ensure that every billable minute is being correctly accounted for
  • to keep tabs on staff productivity in order to identify areas that may need corrective action

Our experience shows that firms can typically lose out on between 5% and 15% of billing opportunities by poor time-sheet recording. Ultimately time sheet recording is your revenue – but only if it is invoiced and collected.

More and more commonly even fixed fee matters require detailed time-sheets at point of invoice.

Legal Integrated Solutions make invoices look like they are crying out to be paid. At the very least we will remove the reasons that clients give for delayed payment.

This service is especially useful at times of high workload with multiple deadlines, when it is easy to let billable time entries slip or be misplaced.

We offer a comprehensive time-sheet audit service for these eventualities.

  • X-reference for corresponding staff entries
  • X-reference to check time entries meet disbursement entries
  • Duplicate check
  • Report to matter manager re balance and ratio of entries prior to billing
  • System scan for misplaced entries
  • Suggestion to staff for more fullfilling entries
  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Client specific requirement check on time entries where applicable

Staff time-sheet performance analysis showing which staff performed well or poorly when recording time.

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