Frequently Asked Questions – Click on any Question to Reveal the Answer

1. What is Enablement?

Enablement is the process of understanding the client’s requirements, and past and future expectations with regards to the software. WorkflowMax is then enabled to suit client needs as exactly as possible. Certain databases are required from the client (LIS can advise you about style and format).

– Client database import (.csv import file provided by client)
– Costs Database Import (.csv import file provided by client)
– Task Database creation (.csv import file to be created by Legal Integrated Solutions)
– Supplier database import (.csv file provided by client)
– Live matter database import
– WIP (time-sheets) import

2. What is the estimated period of implementation?

Implementation can be as little as 4 weeks from the date of agreement, but this is always dependent on the complexity of the client’s requirements, andon the timely delivery of requested data (staff, client, matter, cost databases etc.)

3. “Our time-sheet standards are awful, we are probably losing revenue and staff are not good at checking.” How can WorkflowMax help?

Time-sheets are very visible on WorkflowMax and staff can easily see what they have done and correct matters accordingly. We also offer a premium time-sheet check and audit service where we x-reference all time sheets prior to invoicing in order to check for corresponding entries, duplicates, and spelling / grammar.

4. We are still concerned that we will lose some aspects of our matter management; how will you deal with that?

We can include any number of matter fields for you. All matter fields are indexed and reported on in easy to read pdf format. Certain fields can be emailed on a daily or weekly basis to senior management.

5. Invoice, quote and supplier templates were very expensive on our previous system. Templates took a long time to build and were hard to manage. We do not want that hassle again. Can you please re-assure us?

We offer a full suite of Invoice, Quote, Purchase Order and Job Brief template included in our enablement price. Follow up templates can be discussed as per your requirements. We have a maximum lead-time of 1 week for new templates.

6. What about our archives; can this aspect of our old system be imported? We would like our whole company backdated to the system by LIS.

Everything is possible; however such things as invoice archives, supplier archives and some other financials would need to be re-created manually. We are more than happy to discuss your exact requirements and the operational logistics.

  • Invoices created against historical / closed matters can be uploaded tor emailed to each matter
  • Matter documentation can be imported to matters

For data entry and import of historical archives we have a standard charge of US$50.00 / hour.
Alternatively after discussing client requirements we can offer comprehensive training packages so that client staff can complete the task in house.

7. Our matter database is complex and we have specific matter and client numbering which must be maintained because of local legal and accounting requirements. Our staff are worried that they will have to learn a totally new system.

We are able to replicate your client and matter numbering systems if required. However, WFM is beautifully indexed and so we would encourage you to take a walk through our personal demonstration before you decide.

8. Can you show me examples of how data bases are arranged?

Yes, it will be our pleasure. Please also confirm what you are hoping to import from your matter, client, staff and costs data bases in order that we can upload and report on a personalized sample for you.
Please supply 1 sample line in CSV format containing all fields for client, matter and costs.

9. Our matter database is complex and we have specific matter and client numbering which must be maintained because of local legal and accounting requirements. Our staff are worried that they will have to learn a totally new system.

We are able to replicate your client and matter numbering systems if required. However, WFM is beautifully indexed and so we would encourage you to take a walk through our personal demonstration before you decide.

10. Periodically our accounting and reporting requirements change. Our clients ask for specific marketing detail such as hours worked in particular jurisdiction or practice area by country of operation. Can you help? Our staff have spent days pouring over piles of paper in the past.

We can add specific fields to Matter, Client and Cost, all of which are instantly databased. If you want to know how many hours your Senior Partner worked in any jurisdiction and in what field of law you can access that information in seconds. Workflow max is a very powerful product.

11. Can we move time-sheets which have been incorrectly entered or need to be moved to additional matters for billing?

Yes, this is a simple process which we will show you how to do.

12. What is the difference between a live and closed matter?

When we quote for enablement we include live, unreported WIP and costs: that is anything which can be invoiced to client or is open. A closed matter would come under and be part of our archive support and enablement package.

13. Can we create invoices by staff name, employment level or fixed fee?

We can present invoices by lawyer billing level, staff name or as fixed fee. We have comprehensive strategies for improved invoicing requirements. Please feel free to discuss any aspect of your invoicing requirements with us.

14. We do not want all staff to see everything. For example; invoices are for Managing Partner level only. Can we restrict staff privileges?

Yes, this is an important part of the enablement and we will discuss it in detail with senior management.

15. We have some challenging clients, is there anyway we can give clients partial access to their records?

Yes, it is possible to give clients access to their matters and also specific reports; we will advise you about this.

16. Staff rates vary from client to client. Is that a problem

There are a number of methods we can utilize in order to vary billable rates by staff, task, practice area or client.

17. We have a lot of non-billable matters for Pro Bono clients and internal research and mentoring. How is that handled?

Non billable matters are fully indexed and reported. It is also possible to move non billable time-sheets to billable should the status of the client instruction change.

18. Our law firm operates in multiple jurisdictions across 4 time zones. Can you help?

We have had clients operating in as many as 24 different jurisdictions. Our operations are not affected by borders.

19. Can we bill in multiple currencies?

WorkflowMax is currency agnostic, we are able to bill in multiple currencies as per client requirements. WorkflowMax is not linked to any currency software however and your accounts team will need to export reports in each currency as required. We will discuss your currency billing requirements with you.

20. Can you import our existing client databases?

Absolutely and we can add in many of the additional requirements which you have been longing for.

21. Can we replicate our reporting sets?

Yes, we will discuss this with you and do our best to replicate the reports which you are used to. ALL reports are exportable to Excel, CSV, WORD or PDF.

22. Our staff are busy and enjoy face to face training; do you offer in house support?

Yes we do. Support is available both remotely and in house by discussion.

23. What information do you need to begin the enablement process?

We have a comprehensive questionnaire which details initial requirements.

24. We have different tax rates how do you deal with this?

Tax rates are set in the system and then they can be adjusted at point of invoice. We will show you how to do this.

25. How long is a standard support package? We are worried about enablement and support costs.

Typically support is 1 year, however we do offer a full range of enablement and support packages to suit client needs. Please click here to view the enablement, training and support packages which we offer.

26. Can you list what basic areas you will train support and legal staff on?

Staff are trained according to client needs however.

27. We want Senior Partners to create all invoices in confidence. Can invoices be hidden from staff?

There is a high degree of (but not unlimited) flexibility around what staff can and cannot see. We would need to understand your specifc requirements before advising.

28. If a senior partner needs something urgently and no one in the office has the access rights or knowledge base can you support us?

Yes, please discuss specific requirements with us.

29. Is my data secure?

Please see our security page.

30. How do we engage your services?

After needs analysis and product demonstration we present our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the client and then contractually agree terms.

Our MOUs and contractual arrangements are always governed by English Law and jurisdiction.

Please feel free to contact us today for further details.